High quality metal 2021 15fps 0.3mp intraoral scanner for dental labs and dental clinics

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High quality metal 2021 15fps 0.3mp intraoral scanner for dental labs and dental clinics
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Place of Origin: China
Фирменное наименование: None
Model Number: Intra-oral scanner
Power Source: Electric
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sale Service: Online technical support
Material: Metal, Plastic
Shelf Life: 3 years
Quality Certification: ce
Instrument classification: Class II
Safety standard: None
Product name: Intra-oral scanner
Scanner & Wand size: 305*52*37mm
Image Resolution: 0.3MP
Full-Arch Scan Time: 3-6min
Scanning Speed: 15fps
Scanning Accuracy: 20 <
Working Temperature: 10 ℃~40℃
Indication: Inlay, Outlay, Crown, Bridge
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Place of Origin: China
Фирменное наименование: None
Сертификация: ce
Model Number: Intra-oral scanner
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Packaging Details: Carton Box
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Products Details: We Yilink Medical Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. manufacture and provide dental material and dental devices for dental labs and dental clinics. With good quality, competitive price and good service,we have been exported to a lot of oversea areas which include Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and South America etc. Features & Function 1.POWDERLESS No need for powder, guaranteeing a simplified scanning process and improving patients' clinical experience. REALISTIC COLOR Real-time scan, realistic color, and a clear margin line. 2.EASY OPERATION Get started with ease through a user-friendly interface. Allow sterile scanning by a single technician or dentist using the motion sensing function. Self-developed scanning software integrates rich data processing functions to obtain high-quality digital impressions. 3.INTELLIGENT DATA OPTIMIZATION Through the use of Al, the software can automatically identify and delete miscellaneous data such as the buccal/lingual side to realize automated data optimization. 4.AUTOMATIC SCAN RETRACING When some part of the scan is missing during scanning, this retracing function allows users to jump back to missing area for rescan; aligning the data smoothly. 5.CLINICAL TOOLKIT The clinical toolkit can help users to evaluate the scanned data at clinics. This includes functions as "adjust coordinate", "extract margin line", "check bite", "mark teeth", "check undercut", etc. This facilitates effective communication between clinics and dental labs while saving time, ensuring high efficiency and quality for design and restoration projects.
Product name
Intra-oral scanner
Scanner & Wand size
Image Resolution
Full-Arch Scan Time
Scanning Speed
Scanning Accuracy
20 <
Working Temperature
10 ℃~40℃
Inlay, Outlay, Crown, Bridge
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